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systems and equipment

Traditional greasing systems

Manual point to point, grouped, and centralized to distributor

RIVI Technical Group does not recommend point-to-point greasing

Manual, point to point

Point-to-point greasing, apparently the most economical, is without a doubt the most expensive in practice. It should only be considered for greasing accessible points with minimal greasing needs (in time and frequency).

It depends entirely on the competence and responsibility of the people assigned to carry out the task, and the cost –both in lubricant and labor– represents a decrease in the human and economic resources assigned to the maintenance of the factory/machine.

Both current legislation and internal company policies tend to both reduce lubricant consumption (and subsequent waste treatment) and eliminate occupational risks derived from access to dangerous and/or isolated machine areas.


Grouped manifold greasing facilitates access to the lubrication points and significantly reduces the time spent. That is, it represents an improvement with respect to point-to-point lubrication, although this does not mean that it is the most appropriate method to grease the friction points of the machinery.

Centralized to distributor

A unique product has recently been developed: the Adjustable Progressive Distributor (SSV-D). This allows a very important reduction in costs, when it comes to differentiating lubrication needs on multiple lubrication points, and a versatility which is unthinkable with classic progressive distributors. Now it is possible to modify, expand and even readjust a Progressive System installation, virtually at zero cost, in a simple and immediate way.

  • The greasing centralization to a progressive distributor entails multiple advantages compared to point-to-point or manifold greasing.
  • It ensures that all connected points receive the prescribed amount of lubricant.
  • Possible clogging is immediately detected.
  • Greasing time is improved, since the operator lubricates all connected points from a single grease nipple.