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systems and equipment


RlVl Technical Group is a company founded in 1991 dedicated to the manufacture of lubrication systems and technical equipment, which over the years has acquired an international technological reputation as a leader in the Spanish national market.

Since its foundation, it has gone through growth and consolidation phases as a supplier in the heavy, semi-heavy and light industry. Industries such as iron & steel, oil & gas, paper, cement, renewable energy (wind & solar), food & drink, etc., integrate RIVI's lubrication systems and equipment.

The extensive program of lubrication systems and equipment for different types of industry makes RIVI General Group less sensitive to circumstantial variations in the market, allowing it to fully exploit its existing expansion potential.

RIVI Technical Group began exporting since its inception in 1991 and has installed automatic lubrication systems for machinery in numerous countries, such as Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Portugal, Japan, China, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina.