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systems and equipment


Grupo Técnico RlVl is a company founded in 1991, dedicated to the design and manufacture of lubrication systems and technical equipment, which over the years has acquired an outstanding international technological reputation and is a leader in the Spanish domestic market.

Since its foundation, it has experienced phases of growth and consolidation as a supplier to heavy, medium and light industry. Sectors such as iron and steel, petrochemical, oil & gas, paper, cement, renewable energies (wind & solar), food, beverages, etc., have RIVI equipment and lubrication systems.

Sectoral diversity makes RIVI a company less sensitive to market fluctuations. The high level of quality in the projects, together with the available certifications and validations, allow us to expand the business units by incorporating Fluid Technology to the existing ones (Oil Mist, Oil Circulation and Traditional Lubrication Systems).

Direct exports account for more than 30% of the activity, reaching 60% with indirect exports through national manufacturers of first equipment. The main countries of activity are France, Portugal, U.K, Italy, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador, U.S.A, Morocco, etc.

It is committed to Innovation, Digitalisation and Excellence, obtaining recognition as Innovative SME and SME of the year in these areas. It also participates actively in associations, organisations, technology centres and other entities, in a clear phase of expansion.