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systems and equipment


Integral maintenance service –predictive, preventive and corrective– for lubrication systems. In cases with advanced RV-Server control systems, it is even possible to perform it remotely. A regular inspection service for greasing & lubrication systems and equipment is offered.


We offer courses, seminars, talks and training on Lubrication Methods and Systems. They are addressed to engineers and designers of machinery and rotating elements, as well as maintenance managers in factories whose operations are related to greasing & lubrication.

Technical Support

Technical staff is available all around the world to carry out technical support for lubrication systems, equipment and facilities.

Engineering and design

From our headquarters, the engineering department does all the previous calculations based on customer requirements and machine needs in order to design the most appropriate lubrication system in each case and to optimize costs.

Proposals and alternatives

Based on the results obtained in the previous calculations and the experience gained since 1991, technically valid possibilities and alternatives are proposed to the client in order to facilitate decision making in the selection of the lubrication systems or equipment.


Once the functional technical aspects are approved, the possibility of collaborating with the rotating equipment engineering is offered in order to integrate the lubrication system. The engineering & technical office departments develop Models, 3D plans and associated documentation.


With the defined supply reach, the corresponding BOM is prepared to proceed with manufacturing, assembly and testing in the RIVI workshops located in Zaragoza (Spain). Through Lean methodology, and under the framework of the multiple Environmental and Quality certifications granted to RIVI, the production activities are defined and executed in order to obtain the final product in accordance with all the Specifications and Requirements.

Supply and packaging

The work is carried out under specific packaging instructions for individual projects or series supplies. The logistics required are executed so that the products manufactured and/or installed by RIVI remain operational in perfect condition.

Installation and Commissioning

Highly qualified technical staff is available to carry out all types of pipe installations all around the world, as well as the supervision and commissioning of our systems, equipment and facilities.


From the Technical Office department, in collaboration with the Project Managers, documentation is provided at the highest level, to facilitate the interaction and the maintenance of lubrication systems and equipment.


We offer the possibility of extending the guarantee of the provided products and services, especially for those industries whose projects far exceed the limits established by law. It is possible to admit product and centralized system repairs both at RIVI's central workshop and at the client's facilities.

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