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systems and equipment


– Create efficient and durable lubrication systems and equipment that improve industrial machinery performance and are profitable for our customers.

– Train honest, responsible professionals who are satisfied with their activity.

– Provide the best service to the industry's production processes.

– Stand out in the design and knowledge of greasing and lubrication systems.

RIVI Technical Group - Mission
RIVI Technical Group - Vision


– Achieve the recognition of our clients by adding value to their machinery, and lead the lubrication system industry.

– Develop new lubrication technologies, methods and systems which are more and more efficient, reliable, precise, robust and economical.

– Turn work centers into friendly, sustainable and respectful places, where staff, customers and suppliers can develop their talent in a productive and efficient way.

– Continue company growth, accepting mid- and long-term challenges.

– Establish long-term business alliances, based on transparency, quality and continuous improvement.


Work capacity
We require aptitude and attitude from all staff members, as well as auxiliary companies, suppliers and collaborators. We also value talent, initiative and self-discipline and we promote job creation and sustainable, profitable growth.

We encourage teamwork, as well as the incorporation and training of new generations, family and personal life conciliation, team spirit, and sacrifice for the common good.

We value long-term business and work relationships, from the strictest compliance with current legislation to the highest level of professional ethics, occupational health and safety.
RIVI Technical Group - Values

RIVI Technical Group is an experienced company founded in 1991 with expertise in lubrication systems and technical equipment, which has developed an international technological reputation as a leader in the Spanish national market.

RIVI Technical Group has been officially recognized by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, and granted the INNOVATIVE SME distinction.

RIVI is a Technical Group with a strong international presence and a distribution network that extends throughout the world.