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systems and equipment

Quality and service

RIVI Technical Group masters all lubrication systems, selecting the most appropriate in each case, and considering all technical, environmental, physical and –of course– economic factors.

Fog, H2 and Biogas systems

H2 & biogas systems

Circulation systems


Technical lubrication systems

Greasing technical

fluid technology


At RIVI Technical Group we offer a complete 360º service to cover all the needs that the client may have.

Engineering, design and in-house manufacturing of products for oil mist lubrication, oil circulation, air-oil, and other special lubrication and cooling systems.

Some fields of application

RIVI Technical Group's technology is applicable to industrial sectors where production, handling and/or transportation processes are automated.

Renewable Energy

Engineering, design and manufacturing of greasing systems for bearings and gears: change of Pitch, Yaw, Main Bearing, and Generator. Cans and devices for used grease collection. Maintenance tools (greasing, transferring and tank filling).

Iron & Steel

Double Line and Progressive lubrication systems, suitable for high temperatures. Transfer equipment. Intelligent Monitoring and Control. Oil recirculation equipment. Degreasing systems. Filtration and cooling. Irrigation systems for lamination.


Trackside lubrication system and acoustic attenuation (noise reduction). Stationary equipment. Onboard systems. Maintenance tools. Remote monitoring and control.


Engineering, manufacturing and assembly of grease and oil lubrication facilities. Rotameters and flowmeters. Recirculation plants (greasing and cooling). Auxiliary fluid systems. Piping installations. Predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance. Fluid facility audit and inspection. Varnish removal from lubrication oils.

Oil & Gas

Oil Mist Lubrication Systems. Industrial maintenance. ATEX greasing equipment. Automatic lubrication systems. API 614 and API 610. Cooling systems. Varnish control and removal from lubricating and hydraulic oils.

& Drinks

Design and installation of automatic greasing systems (double line, progressive, etc.) in packaging lines. Scheduled maintenance, fluid facility audit and inspection. Oil room control. Transfer and filling equipment. Single point lubricators.


Automatic lubrication systems for hot zone (IS / NIS machines). Intelligent monitoring and control, with data analytics. Lub4Glass system. Installation, maintenance and audit.

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