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At RIVI Technical Group we keep the innovative DNA that has characterized us since its creation in 1991. Research, development and innovation are the heart of our mission to offer cutting-edge solutions in the field of fluid circulation engineering. Over the years, we have maintained our commitment to quality and efficiency, collaborating to create a path towards a more sustainable future in fluid management within the industry.

The best proof of this are the official recognitions that we have received, including INNOVATIVE SME and the nomination for the ADEA award for the best innovative managers in Aragon, which arise as a result of the development and management of the numerous R&D&I projects we are a part of:

Leaders in

Our goal is to lead the vanguard in the field of fluid engineering through excellence in R&D. We strive to pioneer advanced solutions that optimize processes, reduce costs and minimize environmental impact working in line with the UN's SDGs.

Commitment to

In our R&D laboratory, we bring together a team of passionate and highly trained engineers and technicians. They are dedicated to researching and developing new technologies and methods to improve efficiency and reliability in fluid circulation systems. We constantly explore new ideas and collaborate with industry experts to ensure our solutions are at the forefront. In addition, we pioneer the implementation of new digital control technologies and Artificial Intelligence in the control of lubrication and fluid circulation systems, integrating industry 4.0 parameters in all our equipment.

of our R&D

Improved Efficiency: Our research focuses on the optimization and digitalization of systems in order to reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

Sustainability: We develop environmentally friendly solutions that minimize waste and carbon footprint.

Continuous Innovation: We keep our product portfolio up to date with the latest industry technology and progress, as well as the continuous development of new solutions.

Adaptation to Unique Challenges: We customize solutions to meet our clients' specific needs and we participate in environmental improvement projects in which we can contribute our know-how.

Collaboration and

We work closely with clients, academic institutions and research organizations to harness collective wisdom and overcome challenges.