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Traditional greasing systems

Dual line

Dual line

This system, thanks to its conception, is the most versatile, reliable and durable of all systems.

Its operation is based on the supply of lubricant to the dispensers through double pipes, which are pressurized and depressurized alternately.

This lubrication system is indicated for all types of applications and especially for extreme working conditions and with large installation distances.

In the first half of the cycle, the lubricant is pumped to the main line (A) and the main line (B) is connected to the discharge line. The lubricant, which is also the means for system control, is conducted to the dispensers. The dispensers' pistons move to their maximum position, each pushing the exact amount of grease. Once the dispensers have supplied the lubricant up to the consumption points, the system is closed hydraulically, which causes the pressure in the main line (A) to rise to a pressure set by a transducer or pressure valve. The control unit turns off the pump and orders the inverter to release the main line (A). At this point half of the system's lubrication points have been lubricated. In the second half of the cycle, the main line (B) is pressurized and the greasing cycle continues the same way.


  • The operation is completely hydraulic, it does not have any springs that could become fatigued with work.
  • Regulation of the injection capacity, point by point, according to the needs of each friction.
  • The number of points to be greased can be unlimited.
  • They can be increased or decreased depending on the incorporation of new greasing points.
  • The dispensers have visual control of the installation.
  • Visual or electrical monitoring of each pair of dispenser outlets.
  • If a bearing gets stuck or one output fails, the rest of the outputs continue to function normally.
  • Flow regulation per outlet, even after installation.