"SME of the Year" Award for Innovation and Digitalization

"SME of the Year" Award for Innovation and Digitalization

"SME of the Year" Award for Innovation and Digitalization

On October 26th 2023, Zaragoza held its "SME of the Year" Awards. These prestigious awards are promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Zaragoza, Banco Santander and Heraldo de Aragón, granting distinctions for internationalization, sustainability, training and employment, as well as innovation and digitalization.

RIVI Technical Group received the second prize for INNOVATION & DIGITALIZATION. Without a doubt, Innovation and Digitalization have made it possible to raise our products to the highest levels of quality and competitiveness, to the point of leading the national market and surpassing 30% of our turnover in exports.

Thanks to the people and entities that have given visibility to our projects and have valued the work, effort, dedication and talent that make them possible. Our collaborators, advisors and, of course, the human team that makes up the staff are undoubtedly the ones who truly deserve the media's recognition given to RIVI.

On our R&D&ipage, you can see some of the projects that make it possible for us to have the honor of receiving this distinction.


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COZERO: Biosink for CO2 generated in industry Line 3. Digital Technologies Projects. Industrial Research Activities Support Programme for Innovative Business Groups (AEI) of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Mechanism.


Innovation and the environment are two of the fundamental guidelines that guide our path. This is why we focus on a number of different projects


Innovative SME

RIVI Technical Group has officially received the "Innovative SME" Seal, which is granted by the Ministry of Science and Education in recognition

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In a constantly evolving world with great technological advances and changing socioeconomic and cultural cycles, responsibility becomes a challenge

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