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systems and equipment

Oil circulation systems



The goal of an oil circulation system is not only to lubricate, but also to dissipate part of the heat generated in the bearings. It is a very sensitive system which must continuously provide a precise flow of lubricant, at a constant pressure and temperature, with a certain degree of cleanliness. The working pressure is normally very low (4 to 10 bar).

A pump sucks oil from the tank, and after passing it through filters, exchangers, etc. it's expelled into distributors or flowmeters that distribute it proportionally and uniformly to the different lubrication points. Subsequently, whether through pipes or by gravity, it returns to the tank from where, once treated, it is recirculated again.

The control level of these systems tends to (and must indeed) be high, due to the importance of its function.

The quality of materials, components, replication/duplication (back-ups), installation, sizing, welding, etc. must be in accordance with the regulations to which they are subject (e.g. API, ASME, etc.), and carried out by specialized staff.

Our equipment follows the standards ISO 10438, which specifies the general requirements for lubrication systems, oil and gas sealing systems, and oil control systems for general and special applications.

In addition, we are familiar with the specifications of the main engineering companies and manufacturers, whose requirements have high technical demands.

We have made equipment under American (UL), Russian (TRCU), Canadian, Asian and Middle Eastern standards.