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systems and equipment

Traditional greasing systems

Single line (volumetric)

Single line (volumetric)

Single-line greasing installations are for Consumption, since the greasing points constantly receive new lubricant. In a single line installation with few lubrication points, these can be fed by oil plunger pumps with an almost unlimited number of points with small and minimum flow rates. The lubricant is driven by plunger pumps or motorized pump groups and conducted via a main line to the dosing elements. From here it is distributed either through ducts to the greasing points or directly to the points themselves. Dosing elements with a wide variety of flow rates facilitate optimal adaptation of the greasing installation to each case of need.

It is a system that offers optimal solutions for small and medium-sized installations


  • Simplicity of installations
  • Individual regulation for each lubrication point
  • Great range since it allows the injectors / dispensers to be located at great distances
  • Visual indicators on the injectors/dispensers to control the greasing cycle
  • Ease of maintenance