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Traditional greasing systems

Multiple Line

Multiple Line

This system uses multiple outlet pumps, radial pumps that have been used since the beginning of industrialization. With these pumps, the lubrication is done with oil and grease through the outlets and with dosed amounts of lubricant, starting from a central point.

The piston pumping elements are arranged radially and successively activated by an eccentric, thus providing a regulated amount of lubricant.

All points are directly connected with pipes to the different pump outlets, without the need for distributors.

The dosage for each point is regulated in the pump itself through the pumping elements.

Through the additional use of progressive distributors, the possibility of points to be lubricated is expanded.

The system will continue to operate as long as the pump keeps working. When the pump is turned off the system's progressive distributors will stop, and they will resume from the same point when the system is restarted.


  • Visual or electrical control of the entire system through distributors.
  • Reliable lubrication even under severe conditions. Easily expandable using available pump elements.
  • Capable of lubricating from small systems to large machines.