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The materials that are incorporated into the system will be essential when determining the durability and reliability of the installation. GTRIVI recommends installing check valves at each outlet of the distributor, to facilitate greasing with a manual pump, minimize the possibility of blockages due to system backpressure, and protect the distributor itself. The quality of pipes (rigid or flexible) and interconnecting accessories must guarantee their effectiveness at high pressures, and be appropriately sized for the type of lubricant and the distances to the points.

Last but not least, the experience and professionalism of the installers will be decisive in the final result, and in the degree of customer satisfaction.

Manual, centralized to distributor

The greasing centralization to a progressive distributor entails multiple advantages compared to point-to-point or manifold greasing.

  • It ensures that all connected points receive the prescribed amount of lubricant.
  • Possible clogging is immediately detected.
  • Greasing time is improved, since the operator lubricates all connected points from a single grease nipple.


In the long term, the cost remains high due to personnel intervention. But it allows its automation after the fact simply by installing automatic greasing equipment.

It is possible to make the investment in automation and lubrication control in a staggered manner, in phases.

A unique product has recently been developed: the adjustable progressive distributor (SSV-D). This allows a very important reduction in costs, when it comes to differentiating lubrication needs of different lubrication points, and a versatility unthinkable with classic progressive distributors. Now it is possible to modify, expand and even readjust a Progressive System installation, practically at zero cost, in a simple and immediate way.