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Oil circulation systems


Oil circulation systems are chosen for multiple solutions in general industry. From a wide variety of applications, RIVI is focused to light and heavy industries.


A pump takes oil from the reservoir, and makes the oil pass through filters, heat exchangers, etc… until it reaches the flow meters which deal it proportionally & evenly to lube points. Later on, oil returns to the reservoir either by gravity or by means of pipe channels, in order to be recirculated again. This system is mainly used in bearings for: lubricate, refrigerate and avoid pollution. Lubricants to be used are: oils.


Applications & Industrial areas

- Hydrodynamic and hydrostatic bearings
- Turbines
- Steel rolling mills
- Gearboxes
- Pulp & paper machines
- Energy stations

Circulation systems can be classified in following groups:

- Hydraulic-by-Oil Flow Systems
- Lubrication Systems by means of Oil Circulation Flow
- Blocking Systems (used to preserve separation between points, for example: at different pressure)
- Control & Regulation Oil Flow

Oil circulation systems differ from each other, depending on client specification and requirements. RIVI’s expert engineers will always be ready to design a system which perfectly fits to the application requirements.

Light industry

Here are explained five possibilities (and different versions) for oil distribution.

1. Flow-strangle system

a) Strangling pipes
Flow control is adjusted proportionally to resistance value of strangle pipes. Flow per lube point can be from some cm3 up to several lts/min. There is no monitoring of different points; only main line pressure is possible to be watched over.

Economic system, with high functional safety.

b) Threaded stranglers and metering strips with adjustable stranglers
Flow control is adjusted proportionally to resistance value of threaded stranglers or adjustable metering strips. Flow can be from 0,2 to 230 cm3 and from 0,3 to 1000 cm3 .

There is not monitoring of different points.
Easy to plan and adjust oil flow.

c) Stranglers with oil flow electrical control
Flow control comes from stranglers, proportionally to resistance values, which are placed just before electrical & visual control devices.

Oil flow can be from 0,1 to 25 lts/min.

2. Volumetric regulators

Pump flow is distributed by these volumetric regulators, and then, by means of any strangling or progressive system.

Oil flow can be from 0,1 to 12 lts/min.

3. Progressive metering devices

A metering device distributes the pump oil flow; later on, oil flow can be sub-distributed again by means of more metering devices. Being combined with volumetric regulators, it is possible to supply lubricant up to 100 lube points or even more.

Oil flow: from some cm3 up to 6 lts/min.
Monitoring: optical & electrical, on metering devices.
Breakages are not monitored.
Exact adjusting, in spite of back-pressure.

4. Double line combined with progressive metering devices

Two-line metering device doses the amount of lubricant to progressive metering devices, which is supplied to every lube point.

Electrical monitoring
Exact adjusting, in spite of back-pressure.

5. Multiple outlets pumps (Multi-line system)

Multi-line pumps supply the lubricant directly to lube points. It is possible to include progressive metering devices, in order to monitor the operation.

Heavy Industry

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Several devices & instrumentation are commonly used as controlling, monitoring and safety of the circuit.



Equipment for Oil Circulation Systems:

Lubrication station for Siderurgy Industry


Great Oil
Circulation Station


Lube station for
Pre-Dry area in Paper Mill

Lube equipment with air-oil cooling

Lubrication station for Cement Industry

Lubrication station placed on support frame

Lubrication station according API 614

Lubrication station type Tank + Bedplate

Lubrication station for Pulp & Paper Industry (stainless steel)

Lubrication station placed at Pulp & Paper Industry

Lubrication station type Monoblock (stainless steel)

High-capacity Oil Reservoir with Heating group

Heat-isolated Oil Reservoir for Iron & Steel Plants

Lubrication station type Monoblock (carbon steel)

Oil Circulation System without Reservoir

Oil Circulation System placed on support frame

Lubrication station for Energy Industry

High-Pressure Hydraulic Station

Low-Flow Lube Stations 1

Low-Flow Lube Stations 2

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